SDF Awareness Month

Posted on Sun 05 June 2016 in Misc

SDF Flyer

Super Dimension Fortress, the community providing the hosting for this page, is celebrating its 29th Anniversary. Since you are reading this you probably already know about SDF, if that's not the case keep reading.

From SDF's FAQ:

The Super Dimension Fortress is a networked community of free software authors, teachers, students, researchers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and the blind.

Our mission is to provide remotely accessible computing facilities for the advancement of public education, cultural enrichment, scientific research and recreation. Members can interact electronically with each other regardless of their location using passive or interactive forums.

If you want to learn more about the history of SDF read the FAQ titled WHAT ARE SDF'S ORIGINS AND HISTORY?, but the best thing you can do is join us and become a member.